About Us


The Perth Business Network (PBN) is an active and engaged group of business leaders and industry professionals who meet regularly for the following purposes:

▻ Build meaningful and powerful connections with like-minded business professionals.

▻ Explore and develop genuine opportunities for collaboration.

▻ Promote excellence and best practice in business.

▻ Be an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship.

PBN provides a professionally delivered annual program of events that builds awareness and discussion of current business issues and provide networking opportunities with like-minded business people.

Members are regularly contacted with updates on all events, including Business Breakfasts, Luncheons, Seminars and Networking Nights.

Get involved in the PBN to build your business and develop relationships with members from a wide variety of business backgrounds.


To create and promote meaningful connections within the Perth Business Community


We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact on the Perth Business Community
We will facilitate B2B introductions and create networking events of the highest quality and professionalism
Creating real value and return on investment for members and sponsors is our number one priority


We will be open and genuine in our interaction with stakeholders
Integrity : We will hold ourselves to the highest level of sincerity and honesty.
Transparency : We will act with clarity and openness.
Quality : We will embrace quality and best practice in everything we do.
Excellence : We will continually strive to be better each day.

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